the demise

This is it.
Here is the final destination of our journey.
Here is the demise of CHAOS ECHŒS.

With heavy heart in that particular way of ending this eight-year run, let's just say that internal and outside influences finally led us to make this delicate decision, even though there were still an intent and things to offer.
There is no need to detail publicly here the various reasons why the project won't live any longer.

Be aware that there will be a final manifestation of remaining sounds we think worth to be heard.
We will let you know its contents and release date in the near future.

It is therefore time for us to thank and acknowledge their contributions to the band's present and former other members and guest musicians, people we created/played/recorded music with, our close friends, our precious partners and our few dedicated fans, and people who have helped and supported the band in any way throughout these eight years.
Long is the list and we don't want to forget anyone.
You know who you are.
We do love you all.

And in order to celebrate life rather than to dwell on the death, these last words to inform you that Kalevi and Stefan will keep on creating music and sounds together through a brand new identity, still going for the unknown, but farther from the metal roots of the late entity.
To be continued.

stefan thanneur