the demise

This is it.
Here is the final destination of our journey.
Here is the demise of CHAOS ECHŒS.

With heavy heart in that particular way of ending this eight-year run, let's just say that internal and outside influences finally led us to make this delicate decision, even though there were still an intent and things to offer.
There is no need to detail publicly here the various reasons why the project won't live any longer.

Be aware that there will be a final manifestation of remaining sounds we think worth to be heard.
We will let you know its contents and release date in the near future.

It is therefore time for us to thank and acknowledge their contributions to the band's present and former other members and guest musicians, people we created/played/recorded music with, our close friends, our precious partners and our few dedicated fans, and people who have helped and supported the band in any way throughout these eight years.
Long is the list and we don't want to forget anyone.
You know who you are.
We do love you all.

And in order to celebrate life rather than to dwell on the death, these last words to inform you that Kalevi and Stefan will keep on creating music and sounds together through a brand new identity, still going for the unknown, but farther from the metal roots of the late entity.
To be continued.

stefan thanneur
year-end lists

Mouvement has been excellently received by critics and we would like to thank everyone for this support.

Obscure Emanations Webzine | Top 40 Metal Albums of 2018 | #1
“ One of the best bands in metal makes a transformative and triumphant return, shedding the fuzzy production and messy riffing of the past, and setting the bar for improvised heavy music. With most of the album devoid of vocals, the focus is mainly on the interplay between the dissonant guitar work and the push/pull of the drums. Complex, Austin Lunn-style drum fills work their way in and out of repetitive drones, all while propelling the 30 minute song to it's eerie and startling conclusion. The band also released a collaborative LP with avant-garde saxophonist Mats Gustafsson this year, which is highly recommended as well. ”

Agoraphobic News | Top 40 Metal Albums of 2018 | #14
“ Chaos Echoes sounds literally as if you opened the gates of Tartarus. Their repetitive riffs create an apocalyptic setting that leave no listeners indifferent. Mouvement is prime example of what French death metal /black scene is all about! This ritualistic noise will make your jaw drop and your brain ripped to shreds! The band also includes tons of ambiental parts that add beauty to this whole thing.  Chaos Echoes is a band with their own developed sense of wickedness.  Portal worshipers will surely like ‘em! ”

Agoraphobic News | Top 45 Dissonant Death Metal Bands | #34
“ Chaos Echœs is one of those bands that bring forth pure death metal brutality to our listening pleasure and then change the course of songs by spicing them with loads of dissonance, weird string instruments, keyboards and ambiental breaks. And hands down for these solos! They actually sound meaningful and harmonic (sometimes). ”

Treble Zine | Top 25 Metal Albums of 2018 | #21
“ French avant garde metal experimentalists Chaos Echoes technically feature vocals—three vocalists are credited on Mouvement—but there’s not much in the way of lyrics. A persnickety distinction, but a legitimate one—there are whispers, chants, groans, roars and bellows on Mouvement, but nobody ever really sings words. Not exactly. Rather, voices become the spectres that ooze out of the woodwork, the ghouls that lurk on the periphery. Yet Chaos Echoes have less in common with Russian Circles or Sannhet than they do with like-minded weirdos Oranssi Pazuzu; their awe-inspiring, psychedelic almost-instrumentals serve as a means of pulling the listener through an alien vortex. Just don’t let fear keep you from experiencing what’s on the other side. ”

Heavy Blog Is Heavy | Death’s Door - 2018 In Review | #5
“ I must confess, this record didn’t connect with me on first listen. Perhaps it was distraction or just bad timing. Regardless, something about it kept lurking in the back of my mind. After giving it another go a few months later, Chaos Echœs’ sound was like a breath of fresh air, and I haven’t looked back since. Focused heavily on the instrumental components of experimental/avant-garde death metal, this album is a performative hellscape of sounds and textures that are unique to this band. In a musical market stuffed to the gills with bands trying to make their mark, that’s a rare feat indeed. Mouvement’s replayability value is incredibly high, and once it sets its hooks in you it’s impossible to shake. So dive in, no holds barred, and savor the majesty of one of the most transfixing albums of the year. ”
— Jonathan Adams | Top 15 Albums of 2018
“ Despite being an early-year gem, Mouvement has yet to lose its shine. Chaos Echœs went on to make an avant-garde metal/free improv sax album with prolific reedsmith Mats Gustafsson, and somehow Mouvement is still in contention for their most experimental and ambitious release of the year. With a variety of atmospheric, spacious metal subgenres incorporated in the mix of a blackened death metal storm, the band succeeds at creating a suffocating aura that’s difficult to penetrate but effortless to enjoy. ”
— Scott Murphy | Top 25 Albums of 2018

Toilet Ov Hell | The Best Albums of 2K18: TOVH Editors’ Picks
“ Mysterious. Elusive. Sinuous. Beguiling. Alchemical. Mercurial. Thrilling. Compelling. I’ve spent the better part of 2018 attempting to encapsulate the essence of the ever-changing Chaos Echœs’s metamorphic litany Mouvement, trying on individual words as often as the record shifts its rhythm and tone from black metal to doom metal to something else entirely, and yet nothing seems to satisfy as deeply as the art itself. Mouvement is an infinitely perplexing record, an instrumental journey through all of extreme metal with only the faintest hint of vocals as a guide that remains ever one step ahead of me as the quicksilver melodies and phantasmic structure contort to yet another alien shape. Yet, it is exactly that intangible essence that keeps me returning to the stream of liquid silver again and again to drink to my fill from its satisfying flow, to lose myself in its rushing tide, to drown in its unseen depths. This is music to lose yourself in, never to return the same again. Thank you for this. ”
— W.’s Top 10 | #1
“ The new Chaos Echœs is essentially a soundtrack to insanity. In just over 30 minutes, the mental French avant-garde/black/death/experimental/doom/inexfuckingplicable group will send you on the best bad trip you’ve had this decade. Intense, progressive, abrasive, repetitious, yet oftentimes jarring, dark, and above all damn impressive, Mouvement is a must hear for those who like things on the weird side. The lack of vocals is welcomed as the record’s dense instrumental complexity provides plenty of depth on its own. And besides, just trying to comprehend the unhinged song titles should keep you busy while the record dissolves your psyche. ”
— Lacertilian’s Top 10 | #6

stefan thanneur